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  • Sydney Ziegler

Incoming Grad!

Walking the graduation stage on Tomlinson Field, decked in the crimson cap and gown, and ready to step into the next chapter of my life is coming up in just a week. Being a 2020 high school Covid graduate has made me even more excited for this moment, and I cannot wait!

I will be graduating this spring, and it has me feeling very nostalgic about my time here at Central, as well as very excited for what is to come in the future.

I have spent my time here taking as many opportunities as I could get, working to gain experience in the Public Relations field, and spending time with people who have the same interests as me, especially at the Central Communication Agency.

I have been an Account Executive for three quarters in CCA. First, I started as the AE for PULSE magazine, which I used to intern for, so it was a smooth transition working for them again. In this new position, I got to see PULSE from an outside perspective rather than working from within. We had the opportunity to plan a 'destress' event for students to come chill, read the magazine, paint, snack, hang out with others, and overall, destress.

This was a learning moment for me since I had not planned an event in years. I got to understand more about how I adapt to unforeseen circumstances and how I can reroute on the spot if needed. Not everything went to plan, and I feel like that is just a part of the event planning world — you learn to adapt and reroute as needed.

I moved on to working on the Internal team as the Account Executive for CCA as a whole. I have been in charge of the social media platforms as well as helping out with website management. Coming from a workplace that focuses so much on our clients, I was at a bit of a standstill about what I could do for CCA itself.

It has been super fun coming up with new ways to introduce the staff both individually and as client teams. We have had a blast coming up with new reels or posts to do with our staff, including our Tuesday Tune-Ins where we ask our staff silly questions on Tuesdays and hear their opinions. I am going to miss interacting with everyone and coming up with fun things for us to do!

All of these experiences have helped me learn more about myself and what I can offer along the way. Central Communication Agency has given me an opportunity to prepare myself for my career, and I couldn’t be any more grateful. Here’s to graduation, and let the fun begin!

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