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  • Lindsie Avalos

My Journey as a Filmmaker

Touring Lind Hall during my junior year of high school is when I decided to major in Film. Although CWU wasn’t what I originally expected, I have met some of the most creative and talented artists here in Lind. I started the first of six core production classes in the spring of my sophomore year here at CWU. This is where I met the team I would be doing my senior thesis film with.

We were taught the basics of filmmaking in class, and every week we would show our classmates the shots we took over the weekend. At first, the class made me doubt my abilities in film, and I started to question if I made the right choice in wanting to become a filmmaker. However, at the end of the quarter, I went to the spring showcase to watch the Production VI films, and watching the films was inspiring. I decided then that I would make it my mission to be the best.

I started paying more attention when I watched movies. How shots are lit up, why they chose that shot for that specific scene, and how mood and emotion tie into the shot design and lighting to make the audience feel connected to the character. But I also realized that a good team of filmmakers is what ultimately makes a movie great, not just the cinematography.

Now being in Production VI, I have learned that I not only have to trust myself but in others as well. This was challenging for me as my previous experiences with production groups hadn’t been the best. After officially wrapping up my Production VI film this week, I can say confidently that I have improved tremendously. I can in no way say that I am the best, but after doing this for two years, I have learned that each cinematographer has their own style and that is what makes each one special and unique. I still make mistakes and I still doubt my abilities from time to time. But I am proud of my work and how far I have come along.

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