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  • Wyatt Dean

CCA & Beyond

I came to Central following the pandemic having already earned my Associate’s degree from Green River College on the west side. Talking to people has always been something that I've enjoyed. Wanting to learn what's really going on in conversation led me to the path of a Communication major.

Through the professors in the major, I was introduced to the AUAP volunteer program that allows me to assist and get to know the Japanese exchange students during their stay at Central.

This has been the most impactful experience in my academic and personal lives. I gained a love for helping and getting to know them all to the point that it has shifted my perceptions of my future career to teaching English in a foreign environment.

Intercultural Communication has been the highlight of my classes. I went to Japan this past summer as part of the advanced version of the course. Personal bias aside, my college experience has been groundbreaking for my worldly views and hopes. Studying abroad in any form is something that I will strongly recommend to anyone interested in doing so.

At CCA, I have been able to experience an environment where I can use the communication skills that I’ve accrued to help a small business in our local community gain more notoriety. CCA is truly something unique to my college experience that I feel has best set me up for post-college life with realistic expectations for what I could get reentering the workforce.

I have been working with Ellensburg Community Radio, a local radio station and news site, on their community outreach by assisting with social and physical advertising. 

I plan to use my experiences through college with my Japanese intercultural development and advertising skills to work as a liaison for companies working internationally. Being able to travel and live in places distant and culturally diverse is my goal for myself and that path gets closer every day that I work towards it.

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