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  • Gil Martinez

POV: First Year Transfer at CWU

Hey everyone! This is my first blog and I'm excited to share how I got to Central Washington University, and my involvement with Central Communication Agency (CCA).

I will also reflect a bit on my goals and this school year as a whole!

This is my first year here at CWU and my third year of college as a whole. I grew up on the west side of Washington in a city called Edmonds. I lived all my life there and attended Edmonds College earning my Associate’s degree before transferring here.

Central Washington University had a satellite campus at Edmonds College and offered the programs I wanted. I saw it as a no-brainer to transfer here, So here I am!

I am a Public Relations major and minoring in Sports Business. How did I come to this conclusion? During high school, I took a Sports Marketing course that ignited my interest. This led me to research marketing-related fields, ultimately discovering public relations, which aligns perfectly with my career aspirations. My ultimate goal is to work in PR and communications for a sports team.

How will I reach my goal? Part of the process is CCA. I had never heard of CCA until late fall quarter when I was registering for classes. Through CCA, I have had the opportunity to grow and become a better PR professional. It’s something I’m sad to have missed out on my first years of college, but glad to have found it.

For two quarters, I have been working with our client Ellensburg Community Radio. Last quarter as Account Coordinator and now as Account Executive.

Another vital part of career growth is internships. This upcoming summer I will be working as a Public Relations Intern for Bechtel at the Hanford site in Richland. I hope to learn a lot of skills and bring them back to CCA next fall quarter.

Other than CCA, there are a few other clubs and organizations I’m a part of. One of them being MEChA. Meaning Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan. It’s a Hispanic and Latin-serving organization on campus. I serve as the Equity and Services Council representative on the board.

Joining MEChA has been one of the best things I have done since enrolling at CWU. I met my best friends in college through MEChA and have done so much together. I have been able to go to the state capital and lobby for college student bills, go to Chicago for a National Hispanic Conference, and learn from Latin Professionals. Through MEChA, I have also been involved with the creation of meetings and special events on campus to make Latin and Hispanic students feel welcome.

This year has been a blast and I don’t regret transferring to Central Washington University at all! I’m happy to come back to CWU and CCA next year and make my last year unforgettable!

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