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  • Abu Agyeman

Navigating Life: The Power Of Networking

I have found networking to be an essential tool that allows me to connect with fellow students, recent graduates, and seasoned professionals in fields I aspire to enter.

I embrace the humility in learning from others. As we all navigate through this journey we call life, everyone carries different perspectives. Engaging in diverse conversations helps me gain new insights and ideas. 

As part of my Public Relations management course, I was tasked with interviewing a PR professional about their job, career path, and skills needed to be successful at the professional level.

I had the amazing opportunity to connect with Maureen Del Villar Cuevas, a PR professional for Pitchblends based out of Massachusetts. 

“Networking, optimizing your LinkedIn, and patience,” Maureen said, when I asked her about key factors or experiences in attaining the job she has now. She continued to assert that everything works out as it should and reiterated that patience is needed to find a role that I desire. She advised me to continue gaining as much experience as I can and an opportunity will eventually come. 

I also asked Maureen what skills are important for PR, and she emphasized paying attention to details like how you communicate and the fonts you use. She also stressed the importance of being good with people and connecting well with others. 

It was networking that helped me to land my first internship at the Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce. When I sought help with my resume from Career Services, I met a student worker who had previously interned there. They recommended the Chamber as an internship opportunity, which was perfect because it was around the time I was looking for an internship. I started interning there the next quarter.

It all started with a simple conversation that led to great advice and ultimately opened the door for me to land my first internship.

As I continue to grow, I look forward to embracing new connections and experiences that further shape my path.

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