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  • Jakob Burnham

Life As A Videographer

Hey everyone! My name is Jakob Burnham and I am an Account Executive for ATM (Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising). My major is Film and my minors are Communications and Journalism.

This past quarter, I have been working with Lindsie Avalos on promotional videos for ATM. They asked for web content and social media videos to promote the program to people who may not know what ATM is or to future students who may decide to choose ATM as their major. I made a social media major overview video while Lindsie made an overview video for their website.

In addition to gathering footage during class, we also took some photos! I was able to use my experience as a lead photographer in PULSE Magazine to take these.

ATM also went to New York to gain some insight on marketing and designing. We asked them to capture photos and videos, so we could make a montage of it for social media.

I’ve been doing videography and photography since middle school, but I started learning key mechanics in high school. There I took classes on video, photo, editing, and even game design!

My friends and I eventually made many shorts and goofy videos to enhance our skills, but trust me on this…none of them are actually good. Now one of those friends and I, among others, have a YouTube channel named, DARKROOM 509, which has many short films and eventually will have its very first movie, First Moves!

Currently, I am in Production 5 and will be in Production 6 next quarter, which is about working on a very important short film called Burn Through the Dark, shown at a film festival here at CWU! Production 6 students show their short films in McConnell Hall, which is free and open to anyone who wants to watch

My end goal for my career is to become an independent film director! If I had to choose one genre to direct, it would have to be horror, I love anything horror.

Hope you enjoyed reading my short blog! If you ever want to learn more about photography, videography, or anything related, let me know, it’s such a beautiful thing to be able to do and I think everyone should know at least a little bit to explore their own personality through film and photography.

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