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  • Benita Jangala

Multi-Hatted: Lifestyle or Fashion Statement?

My life changed tremendously since 2023 when I was laid off from Google, let alone my entire life! I have worn many hats.

I am a feminine with a masculine attitude. Soft and flexible, assertive and strong. These are not at odds. We mistake feminine as weak and masculine as aggressive. Both can come from their own places of power. Strength is in conviction, being in my sovereign power. I embrace collaboration. I am not afraid of working alone and being self-driven.

I can see the big picture and see details. Active listening, engaging, and asking questions are my superpowers. I want to make our world a kinder place for all living things, humans and otherwise to live and thrive. There are too many people not living their best lives. I think I can help.

As I said, I've worn many hats: Beverly Hills priority banker, founder of an alternative elementary school, house flipper, orthopedic manual therapist, and corporate tech health & wellness program project lead.

All my professional experience have given me quite a palette of skills. I am a non-traditional student working on a Public Relations/Communications degree. I have many years working in a variety of settings. I've owned my own business and have worked for corporate America.

My bliss is dance. I primarily do ecstatic dance, as often as I can. It's usually done in groups, but I dance alone, as well. My ecstatic dance is a combination of ballet (informally trained), and Aikido. I have a black belt in Aikido. The wonderful thing about Aikido is that you can use its philosophical concepts anywhere. It's the art of redirection.

I also love to travel, seeing who people are and how they live in other countries, and getting a sense of their culture. I love to talk deeply about everything. I'm less inclined to engage in shallow banter.

I love being outdoors: hiking, swimming, biking, and exploring. I windsurfed for a while. I love water. Winter sports, sure, skiing and snowshoeing. I also tried hunting out for a while. That was interesting but ultimately not a pleasure. I do enjoy fishing. I feel like my life is a continuous social experiment.

My passion is communication. I think we live in a world where we are not listening to each other. We are polarized and it’s tearing us socially apart. We all want the same basic things. We need to elevate our critical thinking skills and data literacy. Let’s figure out how to communicate better and elevate: actively listening, processing, engaging, speaking, writing, all of it!

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