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  • Kennedi Wilkins

The College Experience

Coming to Central Washington University as a junior, I had mixed thoughts about what I would be studying in the two years I had left.

Growing up in a big family and being the youngest, I've grown up being the yapper of the house. I enjoy being a social butterfly, look forward to seeing people, and going out on weekends. In high school, I was in ASB and yearbook for three years, which made me overly involved in many events at Wenatchee High School.

When Junior year started, I chose to take on Communication as my major and advertising as my minor. I felt it related to work that I enjoy doing.

Ever since starting my major, I always look forward to what's next when enrolling for classes. We have many resources and individuals who are willing to help students.

The classes that I've had the opportunity to take have been very useful outside the classroom. It not only helps with how I communicate with individuals but also in a work setting as well as how my decision-making has changed over the last two years.

The in-class experience has been phenomenal and I'm grateful for the college experience I was given. Some may think the COM department is silly but I am doing what I love and what makes me happy while still reaching my goal of attaining a bachelor's degree.

My time here at Central is quickly coming to an end. I will forever be proud of my decision to be a part of the communication department. This decision has allowed me to meet other students who have impacted my life. I have also had the great opportunity to have some of the coolest professors in this department. In the COM department, you will make connections with students and professors in a short amount of time.

Your time in college will also fly by, so enjoy every second! I will always remember the amazing people I had the opportunity to meet and make connections with.

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