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  • Sydney Ziegler

The Road to Agency

Coming into Central as a freshman, I was lucky enough to have an idea of what I wanted to pursue in school. I have always had a fascination with how people communicate and how learning about it could help me in the future. With a background of leadership and ASB in high school, I wanted to use my passion in helping the community in my schooling. So, I took up a major in Public Relations with a minor in Communication.

Through these classes I have met amazing and likeminded people who have supported and helped me grow as a person and a student. And along the way I even got to visit Japan for a few weeks in a study abroad trip to learn all about intercultural communication. That trip was one of my best experiences so far because I got to reflect on how I am able to use communication in day to day life, especially in other cultures.

In my last year here, I take pride in having gotten the opportunity to be the Senator for the Communication Honor Society, Lambda Pi Eta. This society has given me a close cohort that always has a good time with each other, and I know there is support around me from others in my field. Plus, some of them work with me in Central Communication Agency!

Now, in my time with CCA, I have gotten experience working with clients in the Ellensburg area, specifically organizations at the college. I had the opportunity to work with PULSE magazine, a student run publication on campus to promote their work and organize an event for them over Fall 2023 quarter. This quarter I get to work for CCA directly on the internal team promoting and running social media pages which I am really excited about!

I wouldn’t trade my experience here for the world because it has given me so much perspective and drive for what I want to pursue down the road. I hope to immerse myself into the PR industry in the travel world after graduation!

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